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Lu-Ray pastels debuted in 1938 near the end of the Great Depression. Manufactured by the Taylor, Smith & Taylor Company of Chester, West Virginia, Lu-Ray shapes were mostly borrowed from the company's Laurel & Empire lines. When introduced, Lu-Ray was available in four pastel glazes. They were Sharon Pink, Windsor Blue, Persian Cream and Surf Green. In 1949, a fifth glaze, Chatham Gray, was added. Many pieces are stamped and dated with a month and year code. Lu-Ray is simple yet elegant. Discontinued in 1961, Lu-Ray is the premiere pastel mid-century American dinnerware line.

  Blue Pink Yellow Green Gray
Bowl, 10" Oval$40$40$40--
Bowl, 10" Salad-----
Bowl, 36s-----
Bowl, 5" Berry$8$8$8$8-
Bowl, 8" Coupe Soup$25$25---
Bowl, 9" Nappy-$40-$40-
Bowl, Lug Soup-$30-$30-
Bowl, Mixing #1-----
Bowl, Mixing #2-----
Bowl, Mixing #3-----
Bowl, Mixing #4-----
Butter Dish-----
Coffee Pot, Demitasse-----
Creamer, Regular$20$20$20$20-
Cup, Demitasse$45$45-$45-
  Blue Pink Yellow Green Gray
Cup, Tea$15$15$15$15-
Gravy w/ underplate--$50--
Pickled Dish-----
Pitcher, Water, Footed-----
Plate, 10" Dinner--$30$30-
Plate, 10" Grille-$50-$50-
Plate, 15" Chop$50$50$50$60-
Plate, 6" Dessert$5$5$5$5-
Plate, 7" Bread & Butter$10$10-$10-
Plate, 8" Salad$30--$30-
Plate, 9" Luncheon$15$15$15$15-
Platter, 12" Oval$25$25$25$25-
Platter, 14" Oval$35$35$35$35-
Saucer, Demitasse$15$15$15$15-
Saucer, Tea$5$5$5$5-
  Blue Pink Yellow Green Gray
Sugar Bowl, Regular-$35---
Water Pitcher-----
Water Tumbler-----

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