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New Fiesta

Before Homer Laughlin China Company discontinued its New Fiesta lilac glaze, we telephoned the factory with a very special request. We asked HLC to consider manufacturing both lilac 9 1/2" vases and bud vases because we felt these pieces would be highly appreciated by Fiesta fans. 

Asked if we would be willing to purchace 500 vases, we happily complied. Only 1,000 of each vase were produced. DISHES DELMAR bought 500 of each. Two other vendors split the balance. Most of these vases now reside in private collections.
New Fiesta 9 1/2" Vase mint in box

Lilac - $400 - Add to Cart
New Fiesta Bud Vase

Lilac - $150 - Add to Cart

DISHES DELMAR assisted Bloomingdale's with the opening of their California Stanford Shopping Center store in September, 1996.

We were asked to create a vintage FIESTA display from our business inventory. We assisted with the store's debut, providing information and sharing stories with both vintage and contemporary FIESTA fans. It was a fun event. The best part, however, was when we were asked how we wanted to be compensated for our efforts.

DISHES DELMAR asked Bloomingdale's to order 1,000 NEW FIESTA sapphire 9 1/2'' vases from the Homer Laughlin China Company. Bloomingdale's already owned the exclusive rights to the glaze. They complied and we purchased Bloomingdale's entire vase lot. Bloomingdale's never merchandised the vase. We imagined this classic shape in the sapphire glaze, would be an instant collectible. From the 1,000, most now live in private collections. Several customers bought as many as 12 to put away for generations ahead.

It gives us pleasure to present our story and offer this exceptional piece of FIESTA history. We won't have this opportunity again.

New Fiesta 9 1/2'' Vase mint in box

Sapphire - $250 - Add to Cart

Homer Laughlin reissued Fiesta in 1986, fifty years after its debut. Some pieces were restyled and a new vitrified firing process was introduced. Several glazes, such as lilac, sapphire, apricot and chartreuse, have been discontinued. Recent glazes are pearl gray and juniper. Some items are no longer produced in black, such as vases and juice pitchers. New Fiesta is heavy weight, durable and fun for every day use.

New Fiesta 9 1/2" Vase.

Mint in box.Black - $40 - Add to Cart
Lilac - $400 - Add to Cart
Sapphire - $250 - Add to Cart
New Fiesta black bud vase.

Mint in box.$30 - Add to Cart
Dishes Delmar New Fiesta breakfast set.
HLC manufactured New Fiesta with our logo. We market a 3 piece breakfast set which includes, on white FIESTA with our cobalt blue logo, a 7" plate, a 5 1/2" bowl and a

#300 HLC restaurant mug. $25 - Add to Cart

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