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Tickled Pink

Tickled Pink was initially manufactured by Vernon Kilns in 1955. Metlox purchased the name and molds in 1958 and continued producing the line. The only change in the pattern was a slight weight and thickness increase caused by the use of a different clay. The pattern consists of pink squares with charcoal and pale blue lines and dots on a lightly speckled white background. Many of the bowls, the cups and some of the serving pieces are a solid speckled pink adding balance and contrast to this classic 1950s dinnerware line.

Description Price  
13" Chop Plate $40 Add to Cart
Chowder Bowl - -
Coffee Pot - -
Creamer $15 Add to Cart
Fruit Dish - -
Gravy - -
12oz. Mug - -
6" Plate - -
7 1/2" Plate $8 Add to Cart
10" Plate $12 Add to Cart
11" Platter - -
13 1/2" Platter $30 Add to Cart
Coupe Soup - -
Cup $10 Add to Cart
Saucer $5 Add to Cart
Tumbler - -
7 1/2" Round Vegetable $15 Add to Cart
9" Vegetable Bowl $35 Add to Cart

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